Find out what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the methods of treatment carried out by providing pure oxygen in a special room with high air pressure, for the patient to breathe. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is carried out in a special room that can increase air pressure up to three times the normal atmospheric pressure. The increase in air pressure in this hyperbaric chamber causes the patient's lungs to absorb more oxygen than usual, which can help cure various diseases. The principle of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to help the body to repair damaged tissue by increasing the flow of oxygen to body tissues. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will cause the blood to absorb more oxygen due to increased oxygen pressure in the lungs that is manipulated by the hyperbaric chamber. With oxygen concentrations higher than normal, the body will be triggered to repair damaged tissue faster than usual. The doctor will recommend the patient to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy for several times, depending on the
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